Friday, 12 November 2010

Some Recommended Reading

    In that your humble writer is an arrogant cuss, it is difficult for him to take recommendations about what to do, what to eat, what to read, etc.    Also, as a card-carrying, right-wing retrograde, he tends to disregard anything found between the pages of the Texas Monthly magazine, notwithstanding the fact that it is a fine and glossy magazine that generally tries not to be too overly offensive while positioning itself in the ranks of the snobbish pinko elite intellectual class of Texas liberals. 
     One always has the lurking shadow of realization about anything good they might say about "us"  is only because "they" happen to be trapped in this next-door-to-the-Beverly-Hillbillies (Texas)  place, and "they'' might hads't well make the best of it.
      That must give credit to the obvious.   It is a fine publication, makes money, guides a reader to good facts, and generally serves its calling well.   My Compadre, who can be found by scrolling down a ways on this blog, sitting around with friends and family on his patio....recommended an article in Texas Monthly's November, 2010 issue which deals with immigration from many, many points of view.   Most of the points of view are flawed, some are salient, all are given voice.
     My Compadre (the father-in-law of my daughter) and I share a  frightening number of agreements on a frightening number of issues.    We both read WSJ, watch FOX-News, and other such predictable things.   We both have lived and/or worked in Mexico for a major part of our lives.   We both have lived and/or worked in Texas either for a long, long time or since birth.  
       While I might be forced to admit, if required under oath, that I occasionally might read a few lines in the New York Times, he knows that my only contact with the Texas Monthly is reading a couple of articles every few years in Seaton Hospital in Austin where my daughter goes to meet the stork frequently....So, it was with a bit of trepidation that he urged my attention towards this particular issue and its treatment of matters concerning immigration.
         The series of articles-within-the-article are worth a full review and consideration.    My positions are irrevocable in certain parameters.
       For instance  (but not limited to):    There is no "right" to enter this country, or any other, without adhering to the rules of entry as established by the country being entered.   Religious leaders, pinko community organisers & activists, dumboes, bleeding hearts, and especially those communist, Soros-types who want to flood the United States with people whom they themselves think are not qualified or capable of ''Americanizing",  for the purpose of destroying America by loading up the producers with an avalanche of consumers.....  they can take a leap...

       But....all things considered....this article should be read and contemplated by all Texans.   It is depressing in a way...some of the right-brain way of thinking some folks have...but there are a lot of people out there who have a right-side of the brain.   We just have to work though that birth-defect.   My Compadre served me well in calling my attention to this article.  He and I probably have the same or very similar opinions of the article and its elements.   My time was well-spent with it and I recommend that you all find yourselves a copy of the November 2010 Texas Monthly and soak up "The Truth About Immigration" segment.

More later, and thanks for your time, comments, and patience.
The Old Gringo