Sunday, 14 November 2010

A couple of temporary postings for your information

These previous two postings will be temporary, probably taken down tomorrow.   They are here so that you all will know that I am not delusional about our personal situation in Mexico.   The thing is, (1) They are the same to not much better here at home on the Texas side, and (2) When O'Reilly and others of my right-wing brothers say that "the Mexicans are doing absolutely nothing about this problem" they are wrong.   This is a Colombia situation....the Colombians won their war, they have probably won their peace.   The forces of order in Mexico are winning the war and in three years, these affairs will be a sad but noble episode that the world will regard as one of Mexico's finest hours, albeit one of great cost.   It is safe to say that 90% of all Mexicans recognize there is no way out of this mess except to fight it .   To yield means to become slaves to savages.   That same 90% laments the deaths of innocents, of  military personnel, of children in the way or related to families involved in this Satanic trade, of honest to somewhat honest police and elected/appointed civilian officials.    But that same 90% has come to detest throuroughly the idea of lamenting the loss of 98% of the casualties who are composed primarily of those within the business killing each other.
       This is a simple geo-political reality.   The world's 10th biggest economic power, adjacent to the world's 1st largest economic power, in turn adjacent to the world's 11th largest economic power cannot allow this rot to continue.   It will putrify our children, grandchildren, and all generations beyond.    It will turn all of North America into a kind of marxist Sicilian floating dictatorship controlled by the whims and caprice of the sons of Satan.    The stand being made by some 300,000 Army and Navy personnel at all levels in Mexico is a well-performing ally against this force.