Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I Went and Did It!

Well, I finally did it. On the way to the polls to vote absentee I did a lot of thinking. It occurred to me that Obama was really a good guy who is trying to do his best for the country. I remembered all the good things the Democrats give me to make my life easier. And I thought about all those bums out on the golf course, playing golf, having a good time, just because George Bush let them have too much money.

     Then there was all the discrimination Obama's people suffered during slavery and Jim Crow, especially, or even if, none of his Kenyan people had ever heard of the United States of America until 1955, much less lived here.
      And all that stuff about Bush driving us into a ditch and letting all those people drown and die of starvation in New Orleans....over 10,000, some say it was more like 250,000....no one will ever know. The fact is that the conspiracy to eliminate New Orleans began with Eisenhower and was finally implemented by Bush....and it could have been 623,000 people who died. Everyone knows this and that's why they have to keep it a secret.
     And I had to remember that "teachable moment" when Obama showed me the errors of my way of thinking....when the police in Massachusetts had "behaved stupidly" .....To think..a man so brilliant that he could use this as a "teachable moment" about the police "behaving stupidly" when He did not even have, according to He Himself, "all the facts". That truly speaks to inspired brilliance.
     All I can say is that for the first time....the first time in my adult life....I have been proud of my country. Any country that can run up 2,400,000,000,000 dollars of national debt load in two years with absolutely nothing to show for it....has to be a great country.
     What finally did it in for me was to think that Obama's aunt is an illegal alien, living on complete public support...and she recognized what it really meant when the people sing..."the land of the free (lunch, housing, electricity, everything)"...it is truly inspiring.....and of course, His half-brother who really is a Mohammedan with two wives...but wait...marry now and you get another wife...ABSOLUTELY FREE. And sho' nuff...Obama's brother in Kenya...at age 52, gets to have a third wife, aged 18, ABSOLUTELY FREE! You just have to admire Obama.... His family ties.... His intellectual enlightenment.
     As I went into the polls there was a homeless guy...pretty well known here in the McAllen area. He panhandles everyone...works the bigger intersections mainly....and he came up to me and asked " Hey, buddy....I hope you can spare me some change." How could I resist?
      So, I went on in and voted straight Republican,  just like always.   

Thanks for your time and attention

The Old Gringo