Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Hello Again, My Friend

     Came in yesterday....my best and quickest time perhaps ever.   Four hours and eight minutes from the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre up to the door of our place in Mission.   Very windy and very warm.   There were no lines at the usual places....the main military checkpoint mid-way between Cd. Victoria and Reynosa....which has become a mainly permanent fixture during the last 15 years or so...had no line and there was essentially no line at the Pharr - Reynosa Bridge.   The new bypass connecting the incoming southern highway to Reynosa directly to the Pharr - Reynosa Bridge is un-officially open, so it took me a grand total of 12 minutes to make it to the bridge, although the bypass takes 0ff about 5 miles south of Reynosa.... it's a real time saver... no traffic....no lights....no 'topes'....even a special lane for "light vehicles" once arriving at the federal installations at the bridge.

     I am still a bit spent...so bear with me.   We have had people at the Quinta and during the episode Alvaro was away in his stomping grounds down south in Xicotencatl.    My task is to go up to the Austin area and be present at my granddaugther's debut as a ballerina....so now Alvaro will take care of the folks who are at the Quinta.   They extended their stay and are pretty much self-reliant, but I really need to have either Alvaro or me present on-site.    My recurrent fear is that the clients will have a tank-filling problem with the toilet and thereby exhaust all the water in the cistern....and then that there will be a two or three day breakdown in water delivery.   If Alvaro and/or I are there, we can discern by "sounds" like pump-whirring, or toilet-gurgling that something has been going on too long.      We can even arrange to have potable water in quantity delivered, should such a thing be absolutely required.     Anyway, it is things like that.....my wavering between useless optimism and the abject misery of pessimism that seems to sap some of my interest and energy.
     In any regard, it is windy (25 - 40 mph and higher gusts) and very warm (nothing record setting, just very warm and muggy), and I am attending to "Texas-side" chores.   More later.

The Old Gringo