Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Just a Peek at the Rio Corona on Steroids

     A client sent me the picture I was too lazy to take.   We had gone down to the Rio Corona to see how it changes its personality after a prolonged period of heavy rains.     This is running what I would estimate at around 9,000 cfs while the normal flow would be around 600 cfs.   You can compare this picture with the others we have posted in the blog entry before last.

     It is necessary for me to confess that I become a bit accustomed to my surroundings and do not properly  invest my time to photograph and detail things that might be of interest to previous and future visitors.    These clients were fascinated with all this rushing mountain stream's roaring and rushing down to Lake Vicente Guerrero.    They were even interested in setting up a kayaking trip for the fall rainy season.    Because of the nature of submerged limbs and huge boulders, along with somewhat tricky rapids,  I always urge that people try a stretch during a bit less challenging times, and then come back during the full-flow moments.    These high water periods can last from 3 weeks to 2 months during the two annual rainy season.

More later
The Old Gringo