Wednesday, 20 November 2019

A Survey of Autopsies of an Event…After much ado about something…the bad guys wound up in last place, again…Does a turn towards normalcy await…? (Amended - 16:05 hours, Wednesday, 20 November 2019)


This is an unadulterated image of the Archeological Site of Teotihuecan.
  It is so ancient that it scared the be-jillies out of the people who came to be
 known as the "AZTECS" who wandered down from around the Arizona area
 of to-day.   The Aztecs (aka - Nahua) arrived in the Valley of Mexico around 1345
 and were overthrown by the Spanish and their Indian allies in 1521. This
 arrangementwas attributed to the Toltec Nation which occupied a California
sized area for 1,000 years, leaving for the East around 600 A.D. to meld and
inter-relate with the Northern  Maya.
   The architecture above influenced the Aztecs greatly.  
      The following is a bit of reporting by a brave journalist for the Laredo Morning Times.   While the Obsolete media ignores, does not analyse, and generally refuses to report anything that does not forward the Obsolete Media's notion of what the American culture should be as a Peoples' Socialist Democracy with (Sir Edmund) Hillary Rodham and the Chappaqua - Hyannis Port nexus  and  so as to reflect the formation of a society that was predicted in Orwell's 1984 tome.

    The journalist Cesar Rodriquez exposed himself to considerable risk to report the good, the bad, and the ugly.   He was the reporter of record for the Laredo (Texas)  Morning Times who produced much of this narrative.  It follows
     Five "suspected" gunmen died Tuesday night in a firefight with armed forces in northwest Nuevo Laredo, adding the death toll to 12 in the last couple days in the city, according to Tamaulipas authorities.   
     A government official said gunmen attacked the Mexican army regiment in Nuevo Laredo. Soldiers returned fire, killing five people. Authorities said the suspected gunmen were dressed in military uniforms and were armed with high-powered rifles. They were on board of an armored pickup, authorities said.
     Prior to this firefight, gunmen ambushed state police officers at a gasoline station in Nuevo Laredo. Two cops sustained non life-threatening injuries, authorities said.
     At about 10 p.m., more than 100 people, including children, arrived at the Colón Plaza hotel on Avenida César López de Lara and Paseo Colón, where state police officers are housed.   The group protested "police abuse." They too tried to prevent the entrance and exit of police units.   Authorities dispersed the crowd with tear gas and used a tactical unit to crash into parked vehicles blocking the pathway, Mexican media reported.   (These people are frequently drawn from those who are trying to gain entry into the United States although they have no documents, papers,  or anything such stuff,  much less a visitor's visa or entrance visa.   The cucarachas essentially use these people under threat of death or beatings and/or the sale of children ostensibly belonging to parents who form part of the human tidal wave of unqualified entry people.)   It is well that the authorities used tear gas and "wrecker" type vehicles from the Army that can do a lot of damage to autos being thrown around the "protesters" forming a "corral" of humanity.   
     Earlier in the day Tuesday, seven gunmen died in a clash with Tamaulipas state police officers in West Nuevo Laredo.
     Personnel of the Special Operations Group of the Tamaulipas Analysis, Information, and Studies Center said they returned fire after gunmen attacked them near the airport by Colonia 150 Aniversario.   This group is almost Brittanic and ever-dry, emotionless Joe Friday combination…"Just the facts, ma'am"
   "Holmes!!!  I'm giving you fair warning…this is Her Majesty's case and not yours!!!"

      Friday's, '' Just the facts, ma'am" is becoming the new procedural approach of the Mexican Military's and the Constabulary's analysis of events pertaining to these encounters.   What choices we must make, and what risks we must take, in order to move Mexico to the point where it should be.
     Those cucaracha suspects were also wearing imitation military uniforms, authorities said.
     In total, authorities said 12 sicarios (bad guys) died in the gun battles. Those gunmen are suspected to be part of the "Tropa del Inferno" (Troop from Hell).     That group allegedly carried out the recent attacks of police officer's setting up an inspection point on the Nuevo Laredo - Piedras Negras Highway and shooting up another hotel on the edge of Nuevo Laredo, where a state cop died. 
     Late Tuesday (12 October, 2019), Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca tweeted that he sent a letter to Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
It read:
       "I am requesting an appointment with President (López Obrador). I do not see the support from federal security forces to face organized crime in Tamaulipas. It is the state police who are fighting them," Cabeza de Vaca said on Twitter.
   This urgent message was sent from the Governor of the State of Tamaulipas, the above-mentioned Francisco Javier Garcia Cabeza de Vaca.   He further stated in the letter,
   "We are observing with concern recent violent incursions that aim to take control of routes and plazas (important social and commercial zones). The cases of the municipalities (counties) of Miguel Aleman and Nuevo Laredo are a direct challenge to the three levels of government. This is the evidence that criminals will take advantage of any gap or void left by authorities."
      Seven gunmen dead, and several cartel "soldiers" were wounded and/or arrested by  after attacking Tamaulipas police near Nuevo Laredo airport .   It is essentially a major victory in a local sense because among the police officers, only one was slightly woundedthis is the report of everyonecitizens, doctors at the Muguerza Hospital (one of several very fine hospitals in Nuevo Laredo, it is a private / Roman Catholic / with a wealthy family's endowment), the police, and the despaduchines (ruffians) who were arrested and put into the "Gran Hotel Los Rechezados".  (Deluxe Hotel of the Refuse, {State/Federal Prison}).
   And yes, Virginia, I have great confidence in the word of Cesar G. Rodriguez…he is a true  "worker bee".  

     Our point is…we are having the same problems in Texas and the United States.   The deaths and wounded, on a per capita basis, are roughly the same, one to the other, in terms of Texas and/or the United States as compared to Mexico.   As I contemplated the message this screed was going to render up to an ever expanding audience.
     I thought,…There are those who think that we need to strip everyone of their guns…because..."they are like little boys playing "Cowboys and Indians".
     The fact is, we need more people who have catechism, a moral bearing, who can bear arms with discernment and good judgement, especially in Mexico.    

     César G. Rodriguez is a reporter for the Laredo, Texas Morning Times.   I have great confidence in his accounts and casualty reports that show that the bad guys really cannot stand up to even the common policemen when the people back up the copslong known  to have slight armaments, almost nothing automatic, and almost nothing in terms of offensive weaponspistols, revolvers, semi-automatic 40s and 45s.   The Army and Naval Infantry of the Mexican military   
     The nice thing is that the cucarachas (cockroaches) have fancy guns, but they do not maintain themand any rifle or pistol user knows that the life and the usefulness of a good firearm depends upon the holder to keep it "fed, bedded, and wedded".

This is a small detachment of Mexican Army Infantry.  Bullets
bounce off of the tires, the soldiers are well-trained and disciplined.
The Comunis Populis does not flee from the Army or Naval Infantry
but rather,  if there are no detonations, they tend to feel as though
their "tax dollars at work" are pesos are  actually working and they
seek closeness to the Military and Cops they know from experience
who are "Okay"….

     The Mexican Army performed bravely and effectively on this occasion.      Such a response is not uncommon at all.  In this matter, one soldier was lost.  A couple were wounded, but not seriously.   The final count of sicarios (unlawful ones)who burned two busses, two transport trucks, and various motorcars of the common populace (rich, poor, middle)some snazzy and up-scale, others "still running" , amounting to, as best I can tell, eight such privately held vehicles was nearly 22 dead, and 19 seriously wounded and imprisoned and 20 taken directly to arraignment and "incarcelacion" (imprisonment to await a judge).
   And, after all was said and done, other responsible analysts declared that 18 cucarachas had been killed, and nineteen were slurping up Pesos of public funds (money) while being given plasma, blood, medical services, fluids, food, communication to mommy, while the Mexicans and the tourists pay the freight.  It was of interest to this observer that there was so much coverage and precision…and that the numbers of dead, wounded, and so forth carried though without much deviation.   It is becoming something more akin to the television programmes about Forensics, and process, and investigations.  

   "Four days ago there was an incident in which there..blah, blah, blah.therefore we are issuing travel-warning…..blah, blah, blah…" although from Reynosa (for instance), every day, over 250 busses leave the terminal from Reynosa to Mexico City, Poza Rica (VeraCruz), Monterrey, Mazatlan, San Luis Potosi…and scores of other destinations, every day with 25 or 35 or more passengers per departure, etc.
  Many millions of passenger miles are logged from just that one departure point…and 99.99999999999% of the people who ride the bus…quite nice busses….survive and arrive at their destinations after having had decent rest-stops…much improved servicios sanitarios  (rest-rooms)…and even edible, tasty food and cold soft drinks and beer.   There are even departures with the fancy Mexican Autobusses  that depart from McAllen.
     We recommend for long trips, the service ETN.  Folksdo not believe any negative or positive news from the American Embassy or Counsel, or from the Obsolete Press.  Even if their reporting is somewhat accurate, it is frequently really, really out of date.  If not out of date, the Obsolete Press, the various counsels and the Embassy-issued "warnings" and "advisories" that are oblique, opaque, foggy, wrong, and impossible to interpret.
     We are not condemning the English, but the context which frequently would serve for someone trying to use the instructions to go to Bangladesh by way of the Moon in a hot-air balloon.  

BREAKING NEWS:(less than 12 hours ago)


   Mexican Army "neutralises" forty sicarios (thugs)…4,000,000 Dollar theft of regular and supreme fuel…"interrupted"!!!   Cartel gunmen in "military style" uniforms all captured, wounded, with several killed.

   (We separate the mentions of the two wounded because we do not wish to include their names or presence in the same paragraph as those who are sicarios).  Two Mexican Army soldiers were wounded and are recovering.

     This event occurred in an unreleased location in Northern Mexico.   The gasoline had been bought and paid for from a large PEMEX (Petroleos Mexicanos) operation that has accommodations for tanker trucks.  The tanker trucks were carrying gasoline to a zone of mines in an area that is famous for gold, silver, and copper.  There are also large deposits of other valuable minerals used in industry throughout North America and Texas. it was a moment of celebrationguardedbut a celebration in many homes, saloons, restaurants,  beauty parlours, schools, etc.etc.etc.

     It would appear, based upon these announcements, radio and television interruptions for a "news update", and the sudden quickening of the pulse of the organised classes of Mexicans who have some or considerable catechism and patriotism,  we might be awakening from the "Abrazos y no Balazos" (hugs and not slugs - bullets).
    Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) might ought to be considering a re-thinking about bullets and hugs, perhaps taking a long vacation in Cancun, and letting the better elements of the Mexican Army and Naval infantry take charge for 24 months with an imposition of martial administration.   It is my sincerest hope.

     Your humble servant and his Consuegro are trapped in this corner of reality.   We watch blips, pieces, and clips about stories dealing with the violence in Mexico…which is terribly real.  BUT, the overstatements, the analysis from the ignorant fog up the American and the world-wide understanding about what is going on.   It is both simple and complex.  Some day…hopefully soon…my Consuegro and I will be able to explain the simplicity and complexity of Mexico.

More later,