Saturday, 10 August 2019

A Finch giving a Hummingbird


    Australian photographer Christian Spencer, who lives in Brazil took these beautiful photos of a hummingbird that looks like its wings are made of a rainbow. It took patience, skill, and some luck, but he managed to take many shots of a bird with light diffracting through its wings, making them look colorful and magical.

     Why the label "A Finch Giving a Hummingbird"?   Milton Finch, who resides in South Carolina is, among other attributes, a relatively serious bird watcher who is quite expert in the topic.  I am a fairly good minor-league dilettante.   One cannot have a place in the particular area of Mexico where we have our "little mud hut'' without being overcome by what turns out to be well over 500 different species of birds on an annual basis.

     They all  take seasonal turns at barging in on our grounds to bathe, eat, brood, and make racket…without apology.  They never pay us anything, except the joy of the comfort and beauty they bring upon the property.  So we presume that the balance works out evenly for all parties.

     Thanks to Milton Finch for having posted this remarkable bit of photography by Mr. Spencer.  Mr. Finch is a client of ours, having visited out humble abode and property in NoWhere, Mexico not long ago for a nice stay.  He is also an avid star and UFO aficionado, a solid lifetime Christian student and a person with an almost identical social, moral, and political outlook as the writer.   He and the Mrs. are of those couples who make America function.