Friday, 12 July 2019

The Border Invasion and the Fallout Therefrom


     The issues and comments and over-abundance of words, thoughts, and opinions about the increasing level of anarchic behaviour along the frontiers of the United States and Texas has become an "issue" in many parts of the United States and Texas.   Clumsy, juvenile commentary by the President has helped those in opposition to order and common lawOcasio-Cortez, the Democrat - Socialist coalition, along with the mega-billionaires who wish to assign the rest of us to our appropriate place in the ant-hill or bee-hive.

The Beginning:

      This entire matter began as a "democratic socialist" movement that involved many dolts and dreamers back during the last quarter of the 1800s.   Great Thinkers like Teddy Roosevelt, Margaret Sanger, Henry Ford, George Bernard Shaw, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Eleanor Roosevelt, and thousands of others of "our betters" stumbled forth to save us from ourselves.
George William Freiderick Engles

We are not clear why Engles sent us a photo of some
older lady supposed to be his third-grade teacher

 instead of one of himself.  (She is a mean looking
critter, in any regard.)

     Brilliant People…all.  Karl Marx and George William Friederich Engles perfected the correct plans for other peoples' lives.  All things they did after forming up their forming up of the forming up of civilisation as it should be formed up the mess we have in the undevelopable world and the "democratic socialists" in the European Union and all the minions who follow them.

     We are carefully taught by the controllers of the mass media to believe what they say is somehow found in the tablets that were left behind after Moses lost the other eight tablets. Moses submitted only the two that he could find after the previous night's party.
      American children to-day cannot differentiate between which war was which…the Civil War or the War Between the States.   But many can parrot-chirp terms such as "climate change" or "equality" or "World Peace" and speak with great authority about what any of such bilge means.   Thankfully there are many children, still, who are raised in fruitful orchards and who know what is meant by terms such as "natural law".   So, please do not think that your humble servant is saying"all is lost".
      We leave this in order to move to our more urgent points. The Red-coats invaded us when we decided to establish a separate nation…a Republic to be named The United States of America…from the Brits.   They were nice folks, but…our situation was different, and King George III did not wish to allow us our "freedom of expression".   The Yankees invaded the South when it was understood that their slavery of bonded indenture of adults and children to serve terms in factories and other services with wages of pennies per day,  was a "higher form" of dealing with "the lower elements" than the horrid slavery in the South of the new nation.   That War resulted in what is estimated to have been over 2,000,000 soldiers and support people being killed and wounded…far and away great than any other War losses suffered by the Americans in all Wars.   
    Woodrow Wilson, who would not touch a Negro…even the hand of Booker Tallefero Washington (a True Hero of America and brilliant thinker) during Wilson's time as President at the White House…was one of these "Progressives" who wanted to either send the Negroes back to Africa or to "otherwise" eliminate them through medical measure of sterilisation.   Margaret Sanger was very, very much in favour of this alternative.

       It should be of interest that Helen Kellerthe famous poster child for all those who are multi-incapicated(blind, deaf, etc)was one of the leaders of the "Progressive Movement" of the first and second quarters of the 20th Century.    Miss Keller was deaf, blind, and several other things.  She also hated America and declared that European institutions would do more to help the incapacitated.   One needs to tread carefully when discussion this matter. 
     Were she to have learned what National Socialism meant what Germany had wished to do with people like Helen Keller, as opposed to what I might have done for her as a rural, Southern farm boy…she would have chosen differently from what she (Hellen Keller) might have chosen.   My choice is, was, and forever will be….life.
      The entire Progressive Movement is a lie.   That is why they have to say."Gay"instead of homosexual.   Truly, the word "gay" has little to do with homosexuality, especially during the last 20% to 30% of the life of a supposedly "gay" personality…(Liberace, Van Cliburne, Prince, Andy Warhol, Rock Hudson, and several million around the world, millions more).   The entire movement at these very moments tie into the declared war against normalcy.
   We were told that everything was closing in on the end of the Planet Earth because America was using too much of the assets of the rest of the people on Planet Earth, and therefore we had so much hunger, poverty, and disease.
     Ozone Holes…Glacial Melting…Birth avoidance…abortion rights…18 year-olds voting…low-calorie, "healthy" diets…no eggs due to the cholesterol…and the worst storms in history are destroying America, Japan, and Europe.  Everybody knows it, and everybody knows it is America's fault.   Little matter that Red China and Indian are far and away the two entities that contribute almost 80% of all pollution of the Planet Earth.
    And it goes on and on.  Everybody must covert to Protestantism…everyone must be loyal to Roman Catholicismthe Beatles are going to India to visit the Hindu magiciansthere is no divinity, God is dead, according to Episcopal Bishop Pike in the 1960sBuddhism is the only pathPsychology will solve all illnesses and bring people into proper balancePalestinians are forced into misery and torture by Jews.

The myriad of…people…crossing into the Republic of Mexico and the Republic of Texas during these times was boiled out of the cauldron of poison boiled up by the Three Witches (perhaps) of MacBeth's encounter.
Thus sayeth El Gringo Viejo:

     The Republicans, the Americans, the Christians and Jews, Madison Avenue, the Flying Saucers, and all the mental inventions of the  present-day media cannot subordinate the facts.   Human errors are human errors. 
you want your daughter (or
son) to 
bring home for an
encounter or family supper.
Among his various names
is Pol Pot, Butcher of
Cambodia…3 Million of the 
nation's 6 million died under
his orders...
     Nations…large and small…commit small and large errors.  Switzerland and the Great Britain, the Japanese Empire, all nature of the powerful and/or potent have committed these errors.  But, there is one Nation where all the World would rather be…apparently…and that is the United States of America.
   Transnational Socialist Agents have worked for years to destabilise the United States and any allied nation or agency.   We have written before about the Mitterrand ogres and the Soros contamination of humanity(as in the US, we only have examples such as Black Lives Matter,  Occupy Wall Street,  No Borders, America Will Learn or America Will Burn, Southern Poverty Law Centre…and yes, up to and including the American Civil Liberties Union,  etc. etc. etc.).

     One can judge their successes in Central America.   They destroyed El Salvador,  Guatemala,  Honduras, and Nicaragua as relevant players in the world scene.  Before, they were reliable servants to their own cause…not servants to others, unless they offered reasonable profit.   The Roman Church was reliable at least in the High Rituals…but by the late 1980's it had become a refuge for clerical fellows seeking…whatever.   The Esteemed Bishop of Rome (The Pope, for those of the Protestant or another Orthodox Opinion) has indicated that he is something it would be better not to say.   I shall say ithe is a Liberation Theologist.

      Fidel and Raul of Cubaand the Ortega Brothers of Nicaraguaand people such as Hugo Chavez…and all the drug and pre-teen and slightly older girls who have been "harvested"in those precincts? Necessity

     All of the elites of the European and American Left thought that the previously mentioned were acolytes and junior prophets of the coming of a new and more perfect Union.   Homosexuality would solve the problem of overpopulation and Nelson Mandela would solve the problems of Africa…

     Overpopulation was the "Global Warming" of the earliest 1960's.   And "Sub-commandante" Marcos, a person with a medical degree…coming from an extremely well-placed social position in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico)…decided to pitch in so as to save the "unwashed masses" who did not love Marxists and Ho and Chou and Mao, and all the skeletons of Pol Pot's effort to make a "perfect society".   He (Marcos) frose reasonable development in the southernmost (non-Yucatan) portion the Mexican Republic (this begin the early to latter nineties)  The various "Indian nations" (actually just remote villages of a few hundred or 1,000 usually, in Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Tabasco) returned to their habit of severe violence towards others (almost all, other Indians) when there was a land dispute, sometime involving two or three acres.

     American college / university  and "students" throughout the world, and the preface leftist "community" banged drums, broke bank windows, beat up their parents, etc.    Smoking dope and begging on the streets was much better than gaining a living during the late 1960s and onward towards the Present.

     Reseaonably enough,  that profession has gained…very gradually…more and more respect during the years of America's supposed decadence.   We say "supposed decadence" when one could have witnessed the "dressing-down" of an American Vice-President what that person, with his wife, had gone to honour the stage presentation and American… "HAMILTON" was the name of the stage presentation in New York…perhaps on Broadway.

More Latera lot of interruption from the "Google and associated"  freedom of the press people.

El Gringo Viejo