Thursday, 26 August 2021

We told you so...

      So many swirls in the current…

     For a fellow from Texaswith a wide ranging genealogyand a ride-along way of lifethese times portend little that is positively positive and much which can be identified as disgustingly disgusting.  And yes, El Gringo Viejo still recognises that most of the Western world is generally a good ride…good food…comfy accommodations…silly to interesting entertainment…predictable cultural environment all seem to fall into good order.

     The only problem is…sometimes almost everything falls almost completely apart.   Humans, living more or less collectively, seem to do well until we are thrown into a situation where drug addicts, thugs, itinerant non-self supporting humanoids, devious entrepreneurs, and other such of the degenerate class cross paths into our lives.  We also stare in wonder when Democrats dream up a "budget" that increases probable spending requirement by 100 per cent in one budget action, and essentially vaults the annual "out-budget" as 8,000,000,000,000 (over eight trillion dollars in 2023). 

     Such an "out-budget" is a wondrous thing in the mind of a Bolshi who is certain that money grows on spaghetti trees.   The asinine notion that providing such budget layouts can be easily financed by raising the tax rates on "The Rich" is a fascinating deception.  The more "The Rich" are taxed, the more methods of shielding  their wealth will be employed.

    Most of us with still-functioning sections of our brains remember that even Republican politicians think, at times, that a "reasonable compromise" with Democrat ghouls can somehow result in a rousing anthem like "This Land is My Land, this land is your land, This land was made for you and me".

    Another wondrous "improvement" for our the social fabric is the marxist Democrat notion that people who commit serious, grievous crimes such as murder, aggravated robbery, sexual or aggravated assault and the like should be allowed release from detention while awaiting trial, along with an insignificant bail-bond guarantee.  After all, a person is innocent until he has been found not guilty, right?  The Chicago and Minneapolis and Spokane examples are glowing results of social improvement that have resulted in avalanches of serious and deadly crime-waves.

       We shall leave these matters and joyfully celebrate the inundation of the Republic of Texas and the United States by hordes of uninvited "immigrants", now representing a minimum of fifty different nations and literally hundreds of thousands of undocumented people.  It is something that leaves this writer's mouth agape with the utter inability to comprehend such an arrogant assault on the Nation.

     The flood of people of almost every type and stripe…with and without documents of any and every kind…has been an amazing exercise by the George Soros ghouls who are dedicated to the cause of destroying this Republic.   It is certain that this tsunami of humanity, and the subsequent explosion of baby-production, subsidized by numerous public fountains of free money will help in the destruction of America as sustainable Republic.