Sunday, 4 April 2021

The Burden of Biden… Is this the Creepy Guy who will rule us? Will AOC be our next President?


Some pepto-bismo might be needed. Barf-bags are required.
  Police and psychologists are requested to be at the ready.
Children under the age of 62 cannot see these photos.


One must be a really nice old man to try to make all these ladies feel comfortable, especially in public…or private.   We do not have any idea who the man is, or if the women are friends or relatives.   They all seem to be happy with the attention from a nice man.  Right?


Many swirls and buffeting of winds…we beg the Saints for rain…and then we complain that the grass grows too quickly…

     We try to avoid the calamity of having too many scarfs, wraps, cloaks, and such during inclimate times, but it has been cold here, near the banks of the Rio Grande…just a couple of miles from our homes.   February of the year 2021 proved to be one of those episodes that remain well-placed in the minds of all who experienced it.

     Things seemed to be stabilising until the American Psyche decided to pitch reason to the wind as they dispatched the incumbent, Donald John Trump.  The electorate replaced him with a dolt whose intellectual alacrity and integrity were pretty much basement material.   Elections such as those that are similar to the one in 2020 are real head scratchers for those who think in terms of normalcy and reasonability.   The vacuous and banal eight years of the demagoguery and marxist explanations of Barry O'Bamaham were record setters of illogic and self-infatuation for the"First Couple".  We are certain that Madame Michelle is happy now that she can enjoy the seascapes without having to have the contamination of the hoi palloi interrupting her view of the Chapaquiddick Sound.     

      During the night of the election count that November night of 2020, several States had counting paces that seemed to be rather slow.  Each time zone, around the 21:00 hour time, in those States, the count slowed markedly…v e r y   m a r k e d l y. 

     By sunrise on that grey November morning, it was apparent that Uncle Bidie had not only won the election, but that he had won it convincingly.   It is just as well, perhaps, because Uncle Bidie has proven that he can set records in terms of ineptitude and gross violation of standard legal procedure.   For instance, we can celebrate that he has named the largest group of dull, marxist nincompoops as senior staffers since Czar Nicolas was tumbled from the Russian throne by early marxist forerunners.

     We were somewhat encouraged when he at least demonstrated the intelligence to appoint President Camela as the Real President during the time that Mr. Bidie rearranges his sleeping arrangements to sync with his normal 36 hour sleeping cycle.  It is best that President Camela gain as much experience as possible during these days because she will have to train Joy Behar to take over duties as Substitute President When Necessary (aka: SPWN).

         During the days of Uncle Bidie, since his heroic victory in the November, 2020
elections, he has done massive damage to the American economy and psyche.  Whether his efforts have been because of insipid stupity, or the distracting cackling "laugh" of President Camela, or his "rapidly creeping" senile psychosis it is certain that he has been successful.
Here we can see what the Patrol must encounter on 
a daily basis…on an hourly  basis at times.  The
entire debacle is scripted by the Soros people and
"progressives" who greatest desire is to reduce the
United States once and for all to a "standard class"
nation, based upon "democratic socialism".   None
of those on the raft have any documentation, all are
intentionally flaunting the laws pertaining to the
right of entry into the United States or Texas.

      In keeping with the Mainstream Media's judgement, the fact that Uncle Bidie has proven beyond any doubt that he is a total nincompoop is proof positive that everything is operating smoothly.   We can finally sell out all our friends, allies, and such and we can send millionaires and billionaires and trillionaires to Red China so than can crawl on their bellies and bended, bleeding knees to give all nature of concession to a Red Chinese leadership that is totally dedicated to totalitarianism.
     It is fairly well established that the Red Chinese leadership will be happy when they can continue to import American children to be used as organ donors for Red Chinese lackey bureaucrats and their mistresses and other family members who might need a ready-to- reap human organ.   It seems outlandish to reasonable folks, but the sad truth is…the Red Chinese hierarchy is dedicated to the proposition that anything they want, they will take, steal, or in the worst case, buy.
     The Red Chinese crunch-your-knuckles crowd has been establishing itself so as to have a world-wide reach, similar and perhaps more effective than the American and European operatorsand there is nothing quite so sad as to see the lackeys trundle into the Red Chinese cobweb and beg for consideration of this or that "mutual commercial  benefit".   It is almost that every large American operation will finally fall for the trap of doing business with the completely soulless Commies.

     The willingness of major American businesses crawling into Peiping, searching for approbation and/or co-ordination with the Red Chinese "business community" can cause a normal person to have indigestion and worse.   There is no winner when someone does business with the Red Chinese.   The Red Chinese are dedicated inextricably to the cause of destroying the United States of America, and then maintaining the decrepit "capitalist" economiesas found in mainly socialist Europe…for harvest when needed.
     We watch with more than a touch of trepidation and more than a lot of sadness as Taiwan and Hong Kong are prepared for being embalmed during the next five or six years.  Singapore and South Koreaand scores of places large and small…should prepare for a vigorous resistance against the Red Chinese version of the German destruction of Poland and France.


     As I finish off this rant, my thoughts are upon the fortunes of my five granddaughters, ages from around four to around seventeenfound in two different litters of two pair of parents who are strikingly attractive and stunningly intelligent.   As are their parents, so are the five granddaughters.
     The mess we are regarding coming up out of Central America is definitively an effort to destablise the coming and going of the American pace and process, of the American peace and progress.   The Red Chinese have been very busy transporting all nature of drugs to various Latin American cartels who work assiduously towards inflicting addiction upon as many Gringos as possible.    This is not a "feeling" or a "possibility"…it is a fact…and people like Mr. Biden and his co-president Harris are secure in their notion that they can build a "hands across the oceans" live and let live, kumbayah wonderland, while joining up with the One World mentality.

         During the days of Uncle Bidie, since his heroic victory in the November, 2020,
  it has become my absolute and certain belief that we are in the final stages of the establishment of World Government. The notion that a dolt such as Biden could be allowing hundreds upon thousands of undocumented individuals, and hundreds upon thousands of minor children are being flooded into the Republic of Texas and to points beyond in the United States speaks volumes.  It plainly means that Biden and his handlers, such a Soros and his ghouls, are lining up and finding their place in the governing processes of Planet Earth and the remainder of the Milky Way.  Biden, Soros, the Red Chinese claptraps, and the dumboes s
uch as Angela Markel, and all the Wizards of Climate Change and "Democratic Socialism"… can dwell in their fantasy realm of government controlled climate, war, and societal organisational dictates!!
AOC lectures the ignorant and ill-informed -
Knowing nothing and understanding less, she
typifies the ignorance abounding in the Halls
of the Great Universities and within the Walls
 of the United States Congress...


   One must necessarily worry about both the near and the distant future when we continue to witness dolts such, not just the President and his cabinet, but people like AOC and  John Kerry…truly false persons…who will lie when the truth would benefit them more…and literally hundreds of thousands of imbeciles who actually believe that there is such a thing as Global Warming, Climate Change, and such bilge.   To think, my great-grandfather had to sell his Hacienda in Vera Cruz because of three devastating freezes in nine years back in the 1890s…how imbecilic and full of self-importance a person must be to think that mankind can cause overwhelming cross-continental global warming, or cooling, even in these times.

     Biden's destruction of the Canada Pipeline speaks volumes about his ignorance and willingness to ride the train of anacephalic riders who know everything about climate, and understand nothing.

We retire because the hour is late.  We have registered a tragedy in the family to-day as well, but we shall weather it…and enjoy the many memories that were made during the time of the existence of a very fine man, the father-in-law of my daughter.